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Thank you! I will definitely recommend the DCA service to others. I have not had much experience with acupuncture but in one short week (4 treatments) I not only saw amazing improvement in debilitating knee pain (that came on suddenly) and long term arthritic thumb pain (more improvement in one week than in 3 months!) but also with an ongoing over active bladder issue.
Thank you so much to Laura and Kathelee for your guidance and treatments - and for making it affordable to return! I will now make this an ongoing part of my health care. Bonnie
So grateful for DCA I came to DCA when my back pain was making it difficult to sleep and started causing stress and migraines. The first session gave me much relief, and after two weeks of regular visits my back pain and tingling and headaches are gone. DCA is a wonderful resource, and for me Tona is a true healer!
Jay Reiss
Very Grateful For This Service - Which is Helping in Many Ways I started going to DCA in March of 2017. At the time, I was researching methods to reduce back pain and was considering - at the time - taking narcotics and even being evaluated for back surgery. Needless to say, I was in a significant amount of pain - and have been in pain - on and off - for decades. I had an MRI done a couple years ago and when I read the results, I was shocked. Things in my back were bad. Very bad. Disc compression, stenosis, arthritis, the works. No wonder I was in so much pain! I had an epidural scheduled but cancelled it when I had a short respite from the pain. I can't imagine how much that injection (right into my spine) would have hurt too. I read an article on the Mayo Clinic website that mentioned acupuncture, and it said that it's been shown to work as well, if not better, on back pain than traditional medicine. I found that comment intriguing and looked online to see what my options were right here in Santa Barbara. At my first DCA visit, I discussed my medical history in detail and I felt heard. That was a great start. To be honest, I didn't study (and still haven't in any detail) how acupuncture actually works. That didn't stop me from trying it though. It took me a couple visits to feel some results. I wasn't expecting a miracle; I just wanted to reduce my daily dose of ibuprofen and Tylenol. I agreed (willingly) to come three times a week, at least initially. I came with an open mind and it's paid off. It is now July 2017 and I've been coming three times a week since March. Here are my results: • My pain meds have been cut in half. • My tolerance for pain has increased, so rather than "pain" I mostly feel only temporary periods of "discomfort" (that's a big result too, for sure). • My mood in general has improved. There are positive things happening psychologically that are hard to put in writing, but as a general statement, my state of well-being has improved. This morning, I woke up without any discomfort at all. This is a first for me since 2015. As others have stated, DCA operates in a large room, with multiple reclining chairs (that I've dozed off in a couple of times). You are dressed the entire time - just roll up your pants so your lower legs are exposed, and in my case, my arms and hands are treated too. Each treatment is based upon your current symptoms and your treatment goals. For back pain sufferers, this place is one that I highly recommend you check out. I've enjoyed a meaningful improvement in my quality of life, and you may too.
Grateful! My chiropractor was out of town when I wrenched my back. I came to DCA on the recommendation from some of my friends. I can't tell you how grateful I am; my pain was relieved within a couple of days. I've seen two different practitioners there, and they were both professional and gentle. I'm recommending DCA to my friends and family now!
Amazing! I cannot speak highly enough of Downtown Community Acupuncture. The staff is so warm and inviting and so helpful. Since going four times, I have experienced such a huge relief with my stomach issues that could not be solved by my doctor. The herbs and treatment have virtually gotten rid of all of the symptoms and pain I experienced for months. I would highly recommend visiting, as it is an extremely relaxing and wonderful environment.
So grateful for DCA I came to DCA when my back pain was making it difficult to sleep and started causing stress and migraines. The first session gave me much relief, and after two weeks of regular visits my back pain and tingling and headaches are gone. DCA is a wonderful resource, and for me Tona is a true healer!
Significant improvements After only 3 visits to treat my GERD and anxiety, I have already noticed significant improvements. I have had only one mild incident of indigestion since starting, whereas I was taking acid blockers everyday to control constant acid reflux just before I started. I'm also much more calm in stressful situations with work. I was not 100% convinced of its efficacy for me when I decided to start acupuncture, but I figured I had nothing to lose since I had tried all kinds of medications and attempts to change my lifestyle and habits to little avail. I am very pleased with the results so far, and everyone there is so very kind!
My experience was outstanding! The ongoing pain I have felt on the left side of my neck subsided the next morning after treatment.  I will be back again...and am only delayed in seeking more treatment for other issues/flare-up in neck because I am only in Santa Barbara every few months.  Thank you so much!!! (Tona)

Julia :)
Very positive experience
My experience at DCA was very positive. I got pain relief, and some herbs that really helped my digestive issues. Tona was my practicioner and he is very good. I trust him completely to help me on my healing journey!! The setting is very peaceful, and I enjoyed my experience there very much. I will be back, but for now I am pain free! Thank you Tona and thank you DCA!

M. McAleer
Great experience! Downtown Community Acupuncture is a wonderful place to either initiate an acupuncture routine or maintain one you already have. The program is easy and efficient, I loved the online options. After my first session with Kathelee, I was more than ready to book repeat sessions! She was attentive, knowledgeable and candid, just what I needed. Her wealth of information got me started on a solid path of acupuncture, supplements and exercise. Great experience, will be back next time I'm in town!
Margie Mc
Great experience! My sessions at DCA were my first experience wth acupuncture— Tona was my first therapist and he took time before the session to listen to my problem (pain in my left calf) and explain how it would work— he said it would take 2-3 weeks of sessions for the maximum treatment, etc.— my next session was with Kathleen and she was good— and then 4 of the next 5 sessions were with Laura— she was terrific!!— as they all were— but as both of us are from Minnesota and I still live there, we had lots in common and lots to talk about— in the meantime, my calf was getting better and by session 4, it was feeling pretty good— as I finished session 6, it felt almost normal— in short, this was a great experience and I would recommend it to anybody— good luck and both Laura and I couldn’t have been happier with the Packers’ loss to Atlanta— GO VIKES— Jack McKeon  
Anne O.

Affordable acupuncture is hard to come by in this town. My friend recommended me to the DCA clinic when I was having a few health issues. Having had acupuncture before, I knew it would work - not just for my immediate problems - but it would also help to reduce stress, keep my immune system strong, and keep my mood balanced. My initial visit was great. I felt like my problems were heard during the consultation and after the first treatment, I felt good and much better the following day. I went back several times per week for the first few weeks and my health has improved along with my productivity (for work) and my stress level is much lower. I plan to continue treatment on an on-going basis. The wonderful part about this clinic is the cost - it allows me to go at least once per week, if not more. The acupuncturists (I've seen two of them so far) are caring and nice, very easy to talk to. The online scheduling system also makes it easy to schedule appointments in advance. For those of you who are hesitant to have acupuncture in a community setting, I can assure you that it is quiet and just as relaxing as if you were alone in the room. I look forward to my appointment each week. I am so grateful that I can now incorporate acupuncture into my wellness program.

- Anne O.
Love this place! This is such a great service. I love being able to get acupuncture by this clinic's highly qualified practitioners at affordable rates.They are all wonderful and amazingly attentive
Barbara B
Tona is a powerful healer! Review of Tona Marquez M.S., L.Ac. When I arrived I was in pain. When I left, I was not!!! Acupuntcure works wonders, and Tona is a blessed healer! I have a chronic illness, and was recently hospitalized for it. I felt the same ache that preceded my previous flare up and went in right away. The pain vanished. My symptoms eased up. I've been fighting Crohn's disease for years, and I really think this complimentary treatment will allow me to explore alternates to steroids and heavy (chemo level) immunosuppresants. I feel energized, pain free, and hopeful about my future medical care! Thank you Tona!!!!!
Marisa P.
Love them! DCA has been a godsend! I have had some hip and back pain for years. Acupuncture has relieved my pain and also helped me with my sleep and emotional health. Acupuncture is a very self-loving practice and the practitioners at DCA are wonderful: caring and so knowledgeable. I am so glad I finally found them!
Wonderful I have visited Downtown Community Acupuncture few months ago from Las Vegas, planning to come again. The care and service was truly exceptional, calm, relaxing, clean place, good parking situation and most of all a great feeling afterwords. I had acupuncture done many times before, this one was definitely one of the best.
Tia Henriksen
Patient & kind but most of all healing . . Review of Laura Schlieske M.S., L.Ac. I hobbled in to DCA and after my treatment I was pain-free and I walked up right! I'll be back...
Leslie L
You are the BEST!
You are the BEST!! I hadn't felt good in many months, nor matter how much I exercised or how great the protein shakes were. I felt "stuck" and had a complete lack of energy.
I was driving home on Sola St, saw the sign on the sidewalk, pulled over in two seconds...........AND have felt fantastic every since. I've returned 8 times and just keep feeling better. I accomplished more chores last Sunday in 5 hrs, than I had accomplished in the past month!  They have also helped with my very stiff neck from looking at a computer all day long.
Thank you Downtown Community Acupuncture.
Leslie L
Thankful My experience with Laura has been one of healing, comfort and trust. I am so grateful for your affordable services especially during my current injury. I was able to receive the treatments I so needed. Thank you-thank you-thank you!!!
I'm hooked! Downtown Community Acupuncture is the first place that I have ever tried acupuncture and I am completely hooked.  After just my second session I began to see results and feel better than I have in months.  Everyone who works there is so thoughtful, knowledgable and caring.  I never tried acupuncture before because I didn't want to get hooked on something I couldn't afford, but with the sliding pay scale it makes it accessible and doable for me.  I look forward to me weekly appointment and to the relaxing atmosphere at Downtown Community Acupuncture.  

Very therapeutic
Jennifer was very attentive and kind. She addressed all of my concerns and I had a very therapeutic experience. It's a great service to the community.
Lisa S.
I feel better "I had a headache and upper and lower back pain. I saw Laura  3 times and I felt so much better even after one visit. My headache went away after one visit. I so very much appreciate the fact that I can get help and feel better without the added stress of expensive acupuncture visits. The sliding scale they have at Downtown Community Acupuncture allows me to get relief so I can go more often."
-Lisa S. Santa Barbara
Convinced This is my first acupuncture experience and after five sessions I am convinced that acupuncture is the solution that works best for me in managing my pain. I look forward to the tranquility of the Dca space, the calm, professional and reassuring manner of the practitioners and the relief I feel. I experienced severe and incapacitating pain for two months and already after two acupuncture sessions I was able to sleep through the night without any medication. I am hoping that continued sessions will help me to become eventually completely painfree.
Anelise S.
I love DCA I was told Acupuncture might help in getting pregnant after having a miscarriage and then not getting pregnant for 6 months. I saw Jennifer 2-3 times per week for 3 weeks and from the first meeting she gave me Chinese herbs to help and then the next month I got pregnant! I would highly recommend DCA and Jennifer to women needing help with fertility, it worked wonders for me!
I Love DCA! I love DCA!!! Everyone is very nice, accommodating, and knowledgeable. It is so easy to schedule online, even last minute. As a wellness/fitness professional myself, I am very aware of customer service, building rapport/trust, and attention to detail. I feel taken care of and that I matter every time I go to DCA.
Very Positive Experience It seemed like I was never going to get relief due to femoral nerve pain.  I decided to give DCA a try and I'm so happy I made the decision.  Everything about my experience there was very positive.  Laura and Kathlee are both very caring and excellent at what they do.  A huge thank you to you both.
Love my treatments! I love the acupuncture treatments I receive from you!  I always feel a wonderful healing energy from your administering of the needles and your personality.  I always feel so much more balanced and peaceful after every treatment. My body Loves acupuncture and I make sure I have an acupuncture treatment every month.  I know the healing benefits.  I have enjoyed acupuncture treatments for over 25 years and you, Laura, have a special gift!

Thank You Laura!
Wonderful acupuncturists.  DCA provides a staff of wonderful acupuncturists that are providing  loving and high quality, affordable acupuncture to our community. Jennifer and Laura have been providing these services for over four years now. They are also able to provide herbal consultations to you.  I, personally, have received treatment at their clinic over the past four years, primarily working with Jennifer.  She has helped me return to a high state of health and reversal of some chronic problems with insomnia,  irregular heart beat, digestion and assimilation issues, and coldness in my legs.  She also helped me resolve an acute condition with my knees(Baker’s cysts) through acupuncture and herbs, which allowed me to heal and avoid surgery on my knees. I encourage all of you with chronic problems to go for treatments over a longer period of time to help your body’s own self healing mechanism.  All if the five acupuncturists who now make up their staff, will provide you with compassionate and skillful care.----M.S.
Changed my life ! I can't begin to tell you (how you) and your healing has changed my life not only health wise but mind. I encourage everyone in Santa Barbara to visit and or be clients of DCA Jennifer I can't tell you in words and in person how I feel sense I have been with you in the beginning when I walked in and you helped me when you opened  Once again DCA is the best and I would go no where else.

Thank you,
John Eric Savage
Owner/ Chef
Peaceful oasis I recommend Downtown Community Acupuncture as a peaceful oasis with knowledgeable and competent practitioners. It is my first experience with acupuncture and has been a very positive one. – Lisa C.
John Review of Kathelee Banister M.S., L.Ac. It is really a nice and helpful piece of info. Im glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. abkfekggbaeeegee
Good acupuncture experience I recommend Downtown Community Acupunture Clinic!
I couldn't be happier! I only recently became aware of the clinic, and I'm so happy to be in the know. I have Medicare/Medi-Cal insurance coverage, which means no coverage for acupuncture. Because of the Community setup, I can afford to work with skilled Acupuncturists again. So far, I've only worked with Jennifer, who is amazing. I have an appointment scheduled with Laura next week, and I'm sure she will be excellent too. Thanks so much for providing such a comfortable and affordable place to receive treatments!!!
The Best Care I am so grateful to have found Jennifer and Laura. They have helped my body heal and avoid surgery! I have never been healthier in my life and am a patient for life! I highly recommend!!!
Virginia O
Awesome location, excellent staff, great results I have severely tight shoulders that cause chronic neck and shoulder pain. Massage, stretching, ergonomics helped but nothing is getting to the bottom of the issue. This clinic's work is. Great location. Kind and wonderful staff. I'm finally seeing results!
Thank you for existing! The unique opportunity that Downtown Community Acupuncture has to offer Santa Barbara should not be missed! I look forward to my weekly acupuncture sessions in the most soothing and healing atmosphere and with the most knowledgeable, caring and professional staff. New to acupuncture, I felt the effects after just one treatment! I am so glad that treatments are so accessible and affordable and I am therefore able to make more frequent use of this amazing ancient healing science. Thank you for existing! -Issa M.
J Johnson
Happily Amazed! I am so happy to have found Downtown Community Acupuncture. The atmosphere is peaceful, cozy and bright and there's a real sense of people coming together with a focus on healing. I feel especially blessed to have found my practitioner, Laura when I came down with a case of shingles. Her professional wisdom and personal concern put me at ease right away and I have been happily amazed at the results. DCA is a unique and wonderful way to experience the healing power of acupuncture. Juanita Johnson